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If you don’t remember Cheryl Blossom from the classic Archie comics, there’s a reason: She debuted in 1982 and disappeared two years later, deemed too sexy for kids. But the provocative mean girl fits right into Riverdale (Thursdays at 9/8c), the CW’s darker, sexier spin on the Archie universe.

Newcomer Madelaine Petsch, who appeared in the movies The Hive and The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, has her biggest role yet in the series she calls 90210meets Twin Peaks “with a little bit of Gossip Girl.”

Back in Los Angeles after shooting the first season in Vancouver, the “happily single” 22-year-old teases plot developments and reveals what turns her on in men. Bookish gym rats with Yeezy’s style, take note! 

I’m not as mean and bitchy as people think I would be. I’m the complete opposite and I want people to know they can always approach me.”

You’re the villain in Riverdale. Do bad girls have more fun?
They really do. I couldn’t be happier with the character I get to play. The show is riveting, it’s ever changing and I’ve had the best seven months of my life working on it. Cheryl is so much fun. I’ve got the best wardrobe, the best one-liners and the best storyline. Not only am I the villain, I’m on the biggest emotional roller coaster. I’ve gotten to do a lot of things I never would have thought I’d get to do. Coming up, I’ve got a huge twist where Cheryl goes completely off the deep end. I can’t say much without giving it away but it was a little terrifying to do.

What do you like and relate to about her?
She’s not just a villain. She’s a three-dimensional person. The reason she’s so angry and lashes out at people is she’s got a horrible home life. The only person who ever cared about her and loved her, her brother, is gone. I love that she’s complex, has these layers. You love to hate her but you understand why she is the way she is. There’s a level of confidence and sassiness to her that I relate to. I’m quite sassy. And of course, the red hair.

Are redheads as fiery as they say? Has your hair helped you get roles?
Absolutely! When it’s necessary for the character it works in my favor, but it makes it more difficult to be the girl next door when you’re a redhead.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Washington State but my parents are South African and brought me back and forth to visit family for about ten years. I saw poverty at a very young age and that really allowed me to appreciate what I have.

Will you do a movie on your break?
There’s nothing 100 percent set yet but I’ve got a couple of things in the works. I would love to do something girl next door-y, not the villain.

But you are the villain in the upcoming F*&% the Prom, right?
Yeah, it’s the cool kids against the unpopular kids and the uncool kids create an anti-prom. I’m the mean girl. It was a fun character to play. How could I turn it down? I’ve kind of been typecast—I’m not as mean and bitchy as people think I would be. I’m the complete opposite and I want people to know they can always approach me.

“I like confident people and people who inspire me and I would want my significant other to always inspire me with what they do. That’s a big turn-on.”

What attracts you in a guy?
For the most part, I’ve only dated artists, creative types, because they’re passionate about what they do and that’s so important to me. They understand what I do, and that my life can be crazy and my job can take me all over the world. I like confident people and people who inspire me and I would want my significant other to always inspire me with what they do. That’s a big turn-on. Physically, I like tall guys. I’m a gym rat. I love going to the gym and I like someone who does too. I’m a vegan and eat really healthy so I enjoy being with somebody who takes care of himself and takes that stuff seriously.

How do you like guys to dress?
I like a mix between Kanye West’s Yeezy style, his fashion line, but also a guy who can look good in a suit. I go to events but I also like to dress down and go to coffee in leggings and a sports bra.

What turns you off?
If they don’t read. I’m such a bookworm. I love reading and love to discuss books and literature, though I also like to watch really bad, mindless reality TV.

What else do you do in your time off?
Besides going to the gym every day, I take dance class and I love drawing and reading. I’m like a grandma in that way—I love reading a good book with some tea. I’m very nerdy.

Interview by Gerri Miller for Made Man

Madelaine Petsch plays the sexy villain Cheryl Blossom on “Riverdale,” a new show based on the classic 1940s Archie Comics. It premiered on The CW last night. The show takes place on a high school campus in a spooky, small town. Madelaine sat down with Galore to spill some deets about our new favorite murder mystery.

So how similar is Riverdale to the original comics from the 1940s?

We stay true to the Archie comics. We’re very similar to the characters but we’re a little more 3-dimensional because we’re not on paper. People know what they’re going to expect but they have no idea.

You play the bad girl. What kind of bad girl do you play?

I’m definitely the traditional, mean bad girl, but I’m also the bad girl who hits you without warning. I do some sly moves on people.The show is all about my brother being murdered and me trying to figure out who did it because I’m in love with my brother.

Wait, you’re in love with your brother?

Yes! I have a twin brother who dies on the show and I’m in love with him.

What’s the theme of the show?

It’s very film noir, very dark, edgy, and mysterious. It’s not just for teens, there’s adult stuff as well. It’s all about the spooky stuff that happens behind the scenes of a small town. Everyone knows everybody; if a pin drops in a house everyone knows about it.

Who do you think is going to love this show?

I think everyone will like it. There’s a bit of something for everybody: there’s some music stuff, there’s some girly stuff, there’s some sexy stuff. There’s a teacher-student affair – very steamy. I’m not involved in that part though!

Tell us more about your character Cheryl!

Well firstly, our show is very girl power. None of the characters need a man or have a boyfriend. I’m all about my brother of course, but I’m very focused on being my own person. I don’t have any friends on the show. I’m very stand-alone but very strong. I’m definitely the sexy character on the show [laughs]. But in the way that she doesn’t care what people think and she does what she wants. She uses her sex appeal to get what she wants.

Love that girl power aspect. How else is the show super forward-thinking for women?

In the Archie comics, Archie gets everything he wants and treats Betty and Veronica pretty badly. On the show, we basically have everything turned upside down. In the comics, Betty and Veronica are always fighting over Archie, and on our show, Betty and Veronica couldn’t really care less! It’s three girls doing their own thing — my character and her two minions — doing everything we can to find out who killed Jason. Nothing really involves men. I feel like that’s rare for TV, there’s always a strong love influence with the main character. Of course there’s some making out — gotta keep it steamy — but we’re all very independent which I love.

How are you similar and different from your character?

I’m not mean, and I don’t think of myself as manipulative. I’m similar because I know how to get what I want. As a girl, we’ve all figured out our ways [laughs]. Cheryl is very confident, and I think of myself as a very confident human being.

Tell us about Cheryl’s style.

I love Cheryl’s style. They call her the “red queen”. Her nails are always red, she always has a piece of red on her outfits. After the pilot, she starts to have creepier accessories like spidery earrings and broaches. She wears tight clothing but it’s still very fashion-forward. Think Valentino 6-inch heels walking down school hallways. She drives a little vintage red convertible which I love. Also, no one else is allowed to wear red on the show. You know from Mean Girls, “On Wednesdays we wear pink?” Well here, it’s, “you can’t wear red ever”.

Photos and Interview by Maddie Cordoba

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